Recurring Payment

All memberships and membership payments are automatically recurring. This means that one month after you sign up (punchcards excluded) you will be charged for another full month unless you cancel your membership (see cancellation information below).

Payment Date

Payment date will be the same as your sign up date and will reoccur every month.


Cancellation must be in writing sent via email only. Any cancellation will go into effect the same day; there is no waiting period. Because membership payments are automatically recurring and since we do not offer refunds (see below) it is up to you to cancel any memberships you do not want to pay for.


We do not offer refunds for any services. This includes, but is not limited to, membership dues, punchcards, and personal training. Our cancellation policy is the best in the state and there are no fees or waiting periods. Because of this, and because of the very small size of our business, we cannot offer refunds for unused memberships. Please remember that any membership you sign up for will automatically renew unless you specifically cancelled it via email (see above). However if you have requested a cancellation via email and we did not process it in time (e.g. your bill date is the 7th and you requested a cancellation on the 6th and still were billed on the 7th), then that charge will be corrected;otherwise, no refunds are available.